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We’re dedicated to making your business shine, through effective strategy and quality design. Check out our packages to find the best fit for your business!

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Complete Brand Package: Love Your Brand

When you look at your branding, you should feel ECSTATIC. Your brand is the face and personality of your business, and you should feel fully confident when presenting it to the world — especially your clients!

We’re talking LOVE. No settling — totally head-over-heels-I-want-to-introduce-this-brand-to-my- grandma kind of fees. 

This package is for the business owner who is craving a foundational branding approach. This is where strategy meets high quality, creative, and intelligent design. Get to know your business from the inside out, and gain valuable insights about how to show up for your ideal clients. You don’t just want a beautiful identity, you want to know your brand is in alignment with your vision, personality, and will truly resinate with your target audience. 

This Package Includes: 
+ 4-Part Brand Strategy Workbook 
+ 3 Strategy Sessions (We’ll work on each section of the workbook together) 
+ Complete Brand Strategy
+ Mood Board
+ Color Palette 
+ Logo (Primary)
+ Secondary Logo(s)
+ Typography
+ Patterns / Icons 
+ Complete Brand Guide (Strategy + Identity)
+ Facebook Page Header or IG Templates

. . . . . . . . . . .

After the branding process is completed, we can execute any desired brand collateral for an additional fee. We frequently create marketing materials, design/update websites, and provide continued support for our clients who have ongoing design needs.

Complete Brand Strategy: Love Your Biz

Your brand is basically a party you are throwing for your clients. The most successful brands are super clear about what kind of party they are throwing because they’ve gone through the process of crafting a strong brand strategy. This is about getting to know your business on a whole new level so you can show up with consistency, intentionality, and confidence. 

This is for the business owner who wants to get to the heart of his/her brand by discovering and executing the essential elements of a strong strategy. We’ll uncover the spirit of your brand by getting clear about your purpose, positioning, personality and messaging via my carefully crafted brand strategy process.

This Package Includes:
+ 4-Part Brand Strategy Workbook 
+ 3 Strategy Sessions (We’ll work on each section of the workbook together) 
+ Brand Strategy Guide 

A La Carte Design: Love Your Brand Assets

Availability for non-branding projects is limited. Inquire for availability and pricing.