Ready For
An uplevel?

It’s Time to Build a Magnetic Brand You Love!

When you look at your branding, you should feel ecstatic. Your brand is the face and personality of your business, and you should be fully confident when presenting it to the world — especially your clients. When your brand is out of alignment with your business, it’s like trying to run with a broken leg. Ouch!

If Your Brand Isn’t:
- Attracting your ideal clients
- Rooted in a strong brand strategy
- Crushing the competition
- Something you want tattoo on your body (okay maybe not.. but you get the idea!)
- A complete system that you can implement seamlessly & consistently

Then it might be time for a rebrand! (And when I say “it might be” I mean it is!)


We’re dedicated to making your business shine through effective strategy and quality design work. Check out our packages to find the best fit for your business!

Custom packages are available upon request.

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Zapp Your Brand

A complete re-branding process for the Entrepreneur who’s Ready for an uplevel

This package is for the entrepreneur who is ready to ditch/update their current branding, and step into their next level of business with a well-crafted brand strategy and intelligently designed visual identity they’ll love.

It’s no secret that the most successful businesses are backed by highly effective, magnetic brands. These brands are rooted in strategy, feature high quality designs, and are totally and unapologetically authentic. We’ll use that exact magic formula to execute your rebrand — helping you more easily attract clients, create a greater impact, and increase sales.

The process begins with the completion of my signature 4-part brand strategy system, where you will get clear about your brand purpose, positioning, personality, and messaging. The strategy process allows you to get to know your business deeply, and discover the heart of your brand. This foundation will allow you to show up for your audience with consistency, intentionality and confidence.

After completing the brand strategy, we’ll dive into the development of your brand’s visual identity. Based on insights gained from the completed strategy, we’ll create an identity that resonates with your target audience and is aligned with your brand personality. This process includes developing a logo, secondary logo(s), a color palette, a typography strategy, and patterns/textures. This complete brand system will allow for visual consistency, and effortless creation of future collateral.

After the strategy and visual identity are finalized, I’ll take the elements of each and create a brand guide, that will serve as a reference for brand implementation, and content creation.

This Package Includes: 
+ 4-Part Brand Strategy Workbook 
+ 2 Strategy Sessions (We’ll work on each section of the workbook together) 
+ Complete Brand Strategy
+ Mood Board
+ Color Palette 
+ Logo (Primary)
+ Secondary Logo(s)
+ Typography
+ Patterns / Icons 
+ Complete Brand Guide (Strategy + Identity)
+ Facebook Page Header or IG Templates

. . . . . . . . . . .

After the branding process is completed, we can execute any desired brand collateral for an additional fee. We frequently create marketing materials, design/update websites, and provide continued support for our clients who have ongoing design needs.

Zapp Your Strategy

a complete brand strategy process for the entrepreneur who is ready for complete brand clarity

This package is for the entrepreneur who craves complete brand clarity, and is ready to craft a detailed strategy that will allow them to show up with consistency, intentionality, and confidence.

We’ll meet, (in person or on Zoom,) for 3 strategy sessions to execute my signature 4-part brand strategy process, where we’ll dive into the the four foundational elements of brand strategy: purpose, positioning, personality and messaging. Through this process you’ll get to know your business deeply, and gain valuable insights that will help you attract, speak to, and win-over your ideal clients. You’ll also gain clarity about how to align with your vision, and create a truly authentic brand.

This Package Includes:
+ 4-Part Brand Strategy Workbook 
+ 3 Strategy Sessions 
+ Brand Strategy Guide 

Zapp Your Assets: A La Carte Design

Availability for non-branding projects is limited, but please feel free to inquire about availability and pricing.